Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak

Digital Marketing Internship Program by Digital Deepak
Read this article to know What is this Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak? Who Should Join? What is the experience of interns?

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In the year 2020, apart from the covid-19 pandemic, a lot more things are getting popular. Many things are getting revolutionised this year like work from home culture, Online classes for students, Online certifications for all streams of education, etc. One more thing is getting very popular, and that is the Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak. 

People have been searching a lot about the Digital Marketing Internship by Deepak Kanakaraju. So What is it? And How to join this Digital Marketing Internship? 

In this article, we will look into each topic like Who is Deepak Kanakaraju alias Digital Deepak? What is this Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak? Who should join this Internship by Digital Deepak? What are the results so far people have achieved with this Internship Program? And My Honest Review on this Internship? So lets quickly jump into each topic.

First, Let’s look at the instructor or the mentor for this internship program.

Who is Deepak Kanakaraju alias Digital Deepak?

Deepak Kanakaraju is a passionate Digital Marketer, Blogger, Author from Bangalore but native from Salem, Chennai. He blogs on digital marketing through his domain And that’s how he has gained his alias name as Digital Deepak with a huge follower-base around India and other parts of the Globe. Deepak is the author of the book “Edge of Sanity: How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur without Losing Your Sanity” where he has written about his personal experiences in trying to build his start-up company. He is the Co-Founder of PixelTrack, which is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies in India. Apart from the above, he is a Brand + an Influencer, + a Biker Boy + Trainer and so on.

I have been one of his fans ever since I had taken His FREE Digital Marketing Course. I later Enrolled for The 100-day Blogging CourseGoogle Ads MasteryFacebook Ads Mastery because every lesson would inspire me more to learn from him. Deepak used to publish content providing values on a higher side in a simple understanding manner.

Can say Deepak’s inspiration through the above courses is one of the one significant factors for me choosing Digital Marketing as my career. 

What is this Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak?

From some time, online courses have become very popular in the market. Especially after the pandemic coming into our lives – the online courses has scaled up at a large scale. There is a vast number of free and paid online lectures available in the market on various categories by different mentors and trainers.

Existing Problem in Market

The problem with the online courses are most of them don’t even complete the lessons and do not learn for what they have paid for at the first place. The users who have completed the course and implemented the learnings are far less. They mostly buy these courses as an impulsive buying and leave in archive folders.

Finding Solution

So when Deepak encountered this particular problem, he researched a lot on various techniques of teaching and related topics. After plenty of time spent in brainstorming, he got a satisfying solution. He used one of the methods we used to do in school, i.e. giving assignments and combining it with a reward as motivation to complete the tasks in hand. And thereby adding money as an incentive to the system, he made people more focused, thereby using oneself’s pressure to complete the assignment. That’s how Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak program was born.

Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak

So Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak is a paid program for the people who want to learn digital marketing while doing practical assignments. This internship is just for people who are seriously looking to learn digital marketing. Every week there is an assignment, and if you do it correctly and on-time, you will receive your money back. Here in this program, instead of sticks, Deepak has given the carrots. We have already paid the price to join this program and now not completing the assignment will end up losing the money, but if you complete you get your full money back. It is making the interns learn, do practicals, submit the tasks, and earn incentives. The conversion of people learning is going high in the internship model, which was not happening in the case of courses.

After a lot of testing through batch one, two and three. Deepak has refined and finalised the Internship Program into 12 modules (12 weeks) and has assignments for every module. The highlight is you will get a cashback for every task if you complete it on time. If you finish all the tasks/assignments, you have a chance to earn more than what you invested.

So what will you learn in this 12-week program?

  • Marketing & Branding Fundamentals
  • Niche & Keyword Research
  • Content Writing & Content Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Running Ads – Facebook & Google
  • Lead Generation
  • Writing Sales Copy
  • Creating your own blog/website
And that is not all. In this Internship Program with Digital Deepak, You’ll also learn about
  • Blogging and affiliate marketing
  • Digital Freelancing
  • Landing your dream job
  • Digital Mentoring

Because Deepak doesn’t want you just to become a textbook expert or rattofying (memorising) the concepts, he wants you to apply the concepts to get results.​ ​That’s why there are assignments, and to make you complete the homework, he is paying you back.

Within 12 weeks, you will no longer be a newbie to Digital Marketing. You will become an expert and have projects that you can show to other employers and clients.

If you feel this internship program is for you, then Apply Now or check below to know who should join this internship.

Who should join this Internship Program?

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or already have some experience. Once you join the program, you will learn a lot. I was in Batch 2 of the internship program, and there were approximately around 900 people in my batch. The interns were ranging from college students to working professionals working in different industries, to entrepreneurs and even homemakers. And each one was able to achieve and upgrade themselves. In the past batches and ongoing batches, there are mixed types of people with different working status who have joined and excelled in achieving their goal. 

So if you are an Entrepreneur, or a Working Professional, or a Student or someone who want to shift/switch your career and get into the digital marketing industry? Then this internship program is for you. 

For Entrepreneurs

Now since the whole world is going online, this is one skill set you should learn to get your business online and grow the sales using the power of digital marketing. Deepak has designed the internship and the modules in such a way that you will learn branding of your Product & also to showcase it on website. Also, write excellent sales copy that sells, and follow with email marketing and even push your Product using Google Ads and Facebook Ads assignments.

For Professionals

Join this program if you are looking for a switch from your current job to the digital marketing field. You can also join if you are looking for an upgrade on different modules if you are already in the digital marketing field. Because with this internship, you are getting hands-on practice on various topics and depending on that, you can take it forward and master the module in which you are interested. After the internship, you also have an option to become a Digital Marketing Freelancer & Consultant.

For Students

Digital Marketing is one of the emerging and flourishing sectors, and a must required skills in today’s world. With this internship, you will learn a new skill with a chance to get a digital marketing job as well as an opportunity to get to start your blog and scale it up and start earning via affiliate marketing. You can also begin to work as a freelancer as a career to start earning with the skills you have grabbed from the internship program. 

For Others

Apart from above, you can be a business owner or a trainer, or you would have a specific skill or capability that you want to teach others. Once you’ve mastered Digital Marketing through this Internship Program, you can even become a Digital Mentor and sell your online courses. You can grow your existing business as well with the power of digital marketing.

There are multiple options for you to do once you have completed the Digital Marketing Internship program, you can check below why should you join the Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak.

Why should you join the Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak?

After reading the article so far, By now, you already would have made up your mind to join. Still, I would give you some of the top reasons to join the Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak.

So you can join – 

  • If you want to learn digital marketing 
  • You’re going to learn by doing practical work
  • If you want to earn while learning.

The perks you get once you join – 

  • You get to learn from Deepak, one of the best mentors for digital marketing available in the country today
  • You get all your investment back once you do all assignment
  • Earn a bonus by doing excellent work​ in the internship
  • Support from Digital Deepak team for Q&A.
  • Networking Opportunities

Opportunities after the program – 

  • ​Get a Digital Marketing Job
  • Grow existing business with the power of Digital Marketing
  • Start Your Blog and Earn from Blogging & Affiliate Marketing
  • Become a Digital Mentor & Sell Online Courses
  • Become a Digital Marketing Freelancer & Consultant
  • Start a new Digital Marketing Company / Agency.

My Experience about the Digital Marketing Internship by Digital Deepak

I am following Deepak’s articles, videos, and the emails from mid-2017, and one such fine day while going through his email, that’s when I heard about this internship program in November 2019. I was shocked & surprised to see a paid internship program like this which gives you learning and returns you the full money back as incentives. It was unbelievable. Later the FOMO got real, and I couldn’t join the Batch 1. Then I waited and saw the reviews of Batch 1, which was remarkably impressive. I waited and got an opportunity to join Batch 2, which was a no brainer.

Before Internship

Before the internship, I used to doubt myself in some situations. I lacked the belief to implement the things and would always be in doubt as to what is the correct method. Also, what will be the recursions once done etc. because there was no practice of tools and no guidance from an expert. Also, one obstacle in my learning path was Procrastination. I always used to delay and push things to tomorrow. One best example is I too have bought several courses which are still in my archive folders. I never opened, I used to tell myself that let me save it, will learn it or practise tomorrow and that day never came.

During Internship

In the internship program, instead of sticks, Deepak has given us the carrots. The person has already paid the price to join this program, and not completing the assignment will end up losing the money. This system made me and other interns complete the task without fail. Everyone started to implement the practical and submit the assignments and thereby removing the lack of confidence and doubts from our mind.

Also, the next best thing that happened because of the assignment system was that I could go ahead and do my first online workshop. Also sell it to others which I was procrastinating for almost a year. Now it has become a regular workshop where every month I do an online workshop. It’s on Web Design Development and especially teaching Elementor Page Builder for designing pages and landing pages in WordPress.

After Internship

The internship also gave me easy access to Deepak and his team. And with the incentive model in the program, I got beyond the amount that I had invested in the internship program, which was marvellous. Apart from the sales, I made with my online workshop. 

The next best part of this internship was I got access to a community of like-minded people where I can learn and grow with others. I did the partnership with some people in the interns’ group for the services I didn’t offer to my clients and some partnered with me for the services I provided to my clients. Now we give projects and services to each other, and all are happy to enjoy the partnership within the tribe.

Also, I was happy to meet Deepak when he visited Mumbai and called up all interns for a quick chat. It was a very inspiring and memorable experience to meet him in person and ask him questions in person. This meet was not a part of the Internship Program, but since other interns and I was in this inner circle, we got this opportunity. Join this program and who knows you too might get a chance like me.

Check this episode of Interview with Interns where Digital Deepak have interviewed Jackson Pathilchirayil (Yes that’s me). An Article on my journey before and how life has changed after the Digital Marketing Internship Program.

Reviews from Interns of Digital Deepak Internship Program

Now you know about my experience and how the Internship Program was beneficial to me. Let’s go ahead and hear from other interns, what they have to say about the program.

Kamna Jain
Chitra Tarigopula


Digital Marketing is a widespread field with many divisions. It would aid you tremendously if you have a good mentor who can guide you on all steps. And with practical exposure to the various digital marketing tools available in the market, you will be on an advanced level. 

The Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Deepak is the program for anyone interested to learn digital marketing and serious on making an impact. Also, once you’ve mastered Digital Marketing through the internship, you are open to multiple opportunities like DM Job, Freelancing, Online Mentoring, Starting an Agency, etc.

I learned a lot during the internship, did practical stuff, tried various tools of marketing, taught others also and earned as well. It was just WOW!!!​

You can apply to join the next batch of the program here. Apply Now.

Once you apply using the above link, Deepak’s team will review your application and get back to you if it’s approved. Also, you will receive an email invitation to the launch webinar where Deepak will reveal all the in-depth details about the program.

Suppose you are an intern share your experience in the comments below. Also, if you have any questions, then ask questions directly to me or post in the comments section which would help others also to make a decision. Also, please share it with your community on social media and spread the good news of learning for free.


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